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Toby Ward



Toby is primarily a painter of people, the things that they do and the places in which they do them. This can take the form of formal portraits, reportage drawings and paintings of particular events, as well as narrative paintings of things imagined, remembered or invented. He often works from the smallest of sketches to create large paintings.


When not involved with the human figure, he delights in working with interiors and still life to create intimate portraits of rooms and their contents. Using his long training and experience with drawing, he has also ventured into other, less conventionally representational areas of painting.

He was recently commissioned to record, in drawings and paintings, the making of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey and, in 2019, worked as artist in residence in the House of Lords. Toby has work in many public and private collections including the Royal Collection, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Opera House.

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