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Shorsh Saleh



Shorsh is a Kurdish mixed-media artist, dealing with the subjects of migration, borders and identity through his work. He employs the traditional techniques of miniature painting in a contemporary context. As an experienced Persian carpet maker, many of his paintings are inspired by the symbolic motifs used in traditional carpets combined with contemporary imagery. He also uses found objects to make large scale sculptural works.

Born in Kurdistan, Shorsh studied MA Traditional Arts at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, where he has been teaching carpet weaving since 2015. He has also been teaching at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha since 2017. Shorsh has exhibited in Germany, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon, UK and the USA. He was Artist in Residence at the Migration Museum, London, in April 2019, and his works are held in the Royal Collection Trust, the British Museum, the Bagari Foundation and the Islamic Art Museum, Malaysia. He is currently showing his works at Refugees; Forced to Flee exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London.

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