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Morag Caister

Morag graduated in Painting BA from the University of Brighton in 2019. She was born in London but grew up in Brighton, while spending time in both cities.


Alongside a natural inclination to draw and paint portraits, her routine travelling by train and public transport through city scenes influenced her practice. Her work was shaped by the atmosphere of this travel at different times of the day, and the movement and presence of unassuming, undisturbed strangers and the patterns of group behaviour. The distant and familiar expression worn by a stranger, for example, illustrates a universality that hints back – before culture, before behaviour, before concepts of what we are.


Morag predominantly uses oils and soft pastels on raw calico or tracing paper in her recent works. This is done on ranging scales and compositions (developing a strong connection with working on smaller scales in particular), as she searches through different viewpoints and angles.

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