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Maria Floyd

Maria is a painter based in Devon. Having studied Fine Art/History of Art BA(Hons) at Goldsmiths College, London, in the early 1990s, she has continued to develop her passion for painting ever since.


Her paintings, predominantly in oil, are made as a direct response to a landscape or seascape, and are deep-rooted in the North Cornish coastline and the dramatic landscape of Dartmoor. Connecting abstract elements with expressive drawing, they convey a feeling of a fleeting moment whilst capturing a situation or experience.


Works on paper and board are made outside, allowing the elements to make their mark and influence the finished piece, which may then be further developed in the studio. Making observational sketches outside, and experimenting with a variety of media and tools at every stage of the process, are at the heart of Maria’s work.

Dancing Storm - Waves Crashing

Mixed media on canvas - 178cm x 60cm


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