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Malcolm Hebron


Malcolm Hebron was born in Scotland in 1966, and teaches and writes about English literature. He has also taught Art History and has strong interests in Romanesque art and the culture of Catalonia. He is based in Devon.

He is a self-taught artist, and his practice is based on walking, particularly on Dartmoor and the South Downs in Hampshire. His work is a direct response to landscape, drawn rapidly in plein air, and usually monochrome. Favourite media are charcoal, ink and pencil. The resulting landscape drawings are a graphic trace of being in a certain place and time, and are as much about an emotional response to place as a realistic depiction. Other works include figure drawing and architecture.

Malcolm’s work seeks to capture the transient and shifting perceptions of being in a landscape, and to trace the connection between the seen and the felt in small-scale drawn work. He is strongly influenced by the English landscape art tradition. A persistent aim is to find through mark-making what Bomberg called ‘the spirit in the mass’.

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