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Julian Woodward



Julian studied Fine Art (Painting) at Glasgow School of Art, followed by the Post Graduate Diploma at the Royal Drawing School.


A large part of Julian’s artistic practice involves the scrutiny of everyday goings on in his immediate surroundings of South East London, and the systems and rhythms underlying them. He spends a lot of time in situ drawing in his sketchbook, making paintings later in the studio from drawings and memory. An interest in the metaphysical aspects of time and space often leads him to explore ways of implying the passing of time, and the potential of space to be filled or emptied. Landscapes are assembled from symbolic elements as in a still life, depicting an actual place and a stage set at the same time. 


The legacy of landscape painting (influences include Poussin, Giorgione, Pissaro, Corot, Balthus, and Morandi) is a constant inspiration.